Sunday, 11 December 2011

CDM celebration~~!!

CDM celebration~~!!

Credit to my leader yg buat entry ni.. Adibah Karimah..
Proud to be in her group..mommy harimau so anak pn akan jd harimau...weehuu.. !!

Hyeee everyone!!!..owh, sorryyyy...lama sgt x mengupdate blog..had problem with my laptop, then too busy with appointments here and there..hehehe....but, everyday kept thinking nak update, now this is it!!.coz byk sgt nak share with uols...;)

But i think not too late story mory about "Ulangtahun syarikat yg ke-19" held at MAEPS Serdang...fuishhhh~~!!..I still can feel the heat from that night!!! coz ramai yg glamorous, gorgeous in beautiful dresses on stage...sewn by top designers!!..;)..(dah mula berangan, bila plk giliranku..ekekeke..; year maybe??..InsyaALLAH..;)

It's 19, the number speaks for itself...It shows how big and sturdy is our company...!!..if u wanna stay for long with steady income...then this is it!! doubt...a well established and debt free company that can pay ur bonuses every month without fail....insya-Allah...and was awarded as "Syarikat Harapan Kerajaan" recently..
Lucky me to be part of this business!!...;)

Lets have fun layan picsss sepanjang majlis anugerah...;)

(catwalk dulu sblm masuk dewan..hehe;)

(with my supportive husband..susah & senang bersamaku sentiasa..cewahhh...;))

(With our Top leader in B32, multi-millionnaire CDM SITI ROHANA..humble, nice person..;)

(With my great leader in our Team..Mommy a.k.a CDM HANIS HAIZI with her top designer Radzuan radziwill...RM15K for dress only!!..OMG!!;))

(With my chuldren in this you guys..;)
(With supportive sideline...;)

(Yeaaahhh..we can DUIT!!;))
(What a beautiful family of Hanis haizi team...;)

(Anak2ku sekalian...;)
(With Dr.tahirah & Asma)
(With sideline from johor, azrina & xue..:)
(My top agent from seremban..zie..;)
(My Top Agent from Kuantan..Yusrina..;)
(My Top agent Lembah klang..sha..;)
(My Top agent Lembah klang..azza..;)
(My old fren since standard 6 we lost contact, but in this biz we meet again...;)
(Penghibur lara, abg jam..a.k.a salleh yaacob...;)

Yeaahh, till we meet again in next appearance of CDM 2012 celebration!!..Who are they???...Mebe, its gonna be YOU!! that reading my blog right now??..Just wait & see....;)

Who wants to be "My next top agent"??..
Lets meet up & i'll show u how..peacee..;)

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