Thursday, 19 January 2012

Roadshow to UTARA!!!

Announcement for those people in UTARA, I will be there this coming "Saturday until Wednesday" (21 - 25hb)"..Roadshow will start in Penang, Sg.Petani, Alor Setar, Jitra, Changlun, Perlis...So guys, grab this chance to book your appointment with me NOW!! Be part of Hanis Haizi team.. A Great Leader (28th old).. successful women with income 6 figure every month!!!

I will share with u guys, how this business can generate income 4-5 figure every month in just a month u guys join this business..first month bonus CONFIRM RM4500!!.Alhamdulillah,..Just within 2 month joined with hanis haizi team..Im qualified (Diamond sales manager) third level, 2nd month car fund, reward 'Jam tangan berjenama' from stockist achievement sales RM100,000 in a month, 4-5 FIGURE INCOME...Last but least, half way to qualified Vietnam ticket...Weehuuuu...INSYAALLAH!!..nothing is impossible If u think u can DUIT!!

Vietnam will be da best moment in our life..Guys, grab this chance to get FREE OF CHARGE ticket to europe..OMG!!...Just bring money to enjoyyyy & shopping....!!!

So guys, im very glad to share how i do this business sgtt cepat & soo easy to target..howww??I will show u da way..Just book appointment with me..& boleh dating bersama2...


Jadi perintis UTARA dibawah pimpinan DSM Effa (me) & bersama kepimpinan yang hebat DDM ADIBAH KARIMAH & CDM HANIS HAIZI..yeaazaaa!! SEE U THERE GUYS...

Book your appointment Today!!!
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