Monday, 17 December 2012

CDM Hanis Haizi - CDM Celebrity

Why i call CDM Hanis Haizi as CDM Celebrity?? 

Actually she deserved it!!
Dalam banyak-banyak CDM, she is the most glamorous, gorgeous and successful leader in "Premium Beautiful" business..
She is the top leader and the pioneer of Green Leaders Group (GLG) and Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM)!
At the age of 26, she managed to generate RMxxx,xxx per month!! So why we just waiting? Take action to move forward..follow orang yang sudah berjaya, so kejayaan akan sampai kepada kita juga sebab di jalan dan landasan yang sama..

Jom tengok bertapa GLAM my leader yang gorgeous ni..

Hanis Haizi in Berita Harian

Hanis Haizi in Nona

Hanis Haizi in Nur

Hanis Haizi in Hijabista Magazine

Hanis Haizi in Safiyya on TV9 last Sunday..

Wanna to be part of the group??

Lets join GLAM!!!

Efah Mustaffa
012-4390989 / 013-4347079

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