Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Back to Back PERSONAL COACHING with leaders and business partners

Hi there...

What a hectic weekend i have but i'm very happy with what i'm doing right now...

Last Sunday i started the day with sharing the beautiful opportunity with a nursing student which is the same situation with me.. still study but have big aim and dream!! Just like me at first join this business.. No one can top me to achieve my aim...And i'm happy because Eqa also see the opportunity..I'm glad and happy to guide you dear..

Happy face filled up the member form.. Welcome dear..

With Eqa after business sharing..

After the business sharing with Eqa, I stay at Old Town White Coffee to update information to my business partners all around Malaysia include Sabah and Sarawak.. Then update the blog.. This business is simple, just follow the path that our leader been use before.. And all the step were given.. Plus our group : Green Leader Group have own class at TTDI called as Green Leader Academy Malaysia (GLAM).. Here, every single tips and secret we revealed..GLAM is the best..cannot be replaced with others group..

Then, at the evening i meet up with my new baby in this Premium Beautiful business... every single step were guided.. i also prepared notes for her so easy for her to duplicate and practice the knowledge..

My ex-schoolmate became my business partners and BFF
 Setting target for December and 2013 also... When we have a planned, so we know how to make it come true and well planned.. 

After coached my business partners, I also were coached by my direct leader, CDM Adibah Karimah.. She inject the turbo for me achieve my target this month.. Nothing impossible if we work for it.. Will prove it that i can do it!!

Very adore her spirit and motivation.. even though she were pregnant 9 months, she still can spend her time to meet me in order to ensure her team achieve the target... This we called TEAMWORK!! 

I meet Adibah at Gombak. After 12am, i shoot to Kuala Lumpur to meet up one of my business partners from Sabah, Mardiana Sidek.. She cames here for work but really want to see me to gain knowledge and information how to to the business by social media marketing..

I reached at hotel where she stayed at almost 1230am.. we stay up untill 430am.. i explained each things to her until she understand...we also discussed the target that have to achieve for the month, the problem she faced at Sabah and every single things.. The business not just a business but from a stranger we be the partners that share about all the things... problems, happiness and sadness...

Fresh face although in the early morning.. 

I hope i can helps all the business partners achieve their aim and dream..because their dreams was my dreams also...

Who want to be part of our beautiful group??
Choose the right group..choose GLG @ GLAM!! The expert and pioneer using Social Media Marketing in this business!!

Efah Mustaffa

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