Thursday, 7 February 2013

GLAD | Dear Hanis Haizi Party

Hye girls.. Today hendak story about Chanel... 

Why Chanel???

I know this is one favorite brand of girls out there.. Of course its trendy, classy and awesome right.. paling awesome my great leader CDM Hanis Haizi telah buat satu party bertemakan Chanel..oh my god!!!and ada cabutan bertuah and hadiahnya semua Chanel.. best kan!! 

You wont find this kind of party at other place.. only can find this at Green Leaders Academy Malaysia.. we are GLAMpreneurs.. online entrepreneurs, social media marketing entrepreneurs that sell Premium Beautiful corset, Bio Zone Food Purifier, Bio Velocity Sleep Mate and other product and all of it focus on healthy.. 

Wanna to know how we do it and be part of the group??

Pm me 

Efah mustaffa

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