Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Business Oppurtunity to STUDENTS and HOUSEWIVES!!



Students (part time and fulltime) and housewives or person yang sedang mencari kerja tapi belum menjumpai kerja yang sesuai..


Anyone out there yang sedang mencari-cari lubuk atau peluang membuat side income atau duit lebih yang tidak mempunyai modal yang besar atau langsung tidak mempunyai modal.

We are now open to you to be part of Green Leaders Academy Malaysia(GLAM) and becomes GLAMprenuers.

What you get from this business??

1. Monthly income (4-5 figures)

2. FREE Travel 3 times a year
3. Car Fund
4. Rewards
5. Awards

and many more!!

How to do that??

We work as TEAM and everything we guide. So you just follow and duplicate what we do. 
SIMPLE and EASY right!!

Lets change our future and learn to be independent and tak bergantung pada orang lain..


Because i prove it!

 A student also can generate income to 5 figures although in 1st month join the business also with the reward from the group, my special watch woth RM1,000!.. I got Diamond Sales Manager in 2nd month and awarded in Diamond Night last year.

With my great mentor. time ni sangat baru dalam business. bln pertama terus buat RM100,000 sales with group and dapat reward jam!

Terima anugerah as Diamond Sales Manager at Diamond Night

And income masyuk as a student! Heww..

So what you waiting for?

Be part of us with lower capital now!

SMS / call / whatsapp/ viber / wechat 
Efah Mustaffa

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