Saturday, 1 June 2013

Adibah Karimah in Utusan Malaysia

Who is Adibah Karimah??
Artis kah sampai kmasuk Utusan.. Tak, she is my direct mentor in Premium Beautiful business in Green Leader Academy Malaysia (GLAM)... Dia yang bertanggungjawab mengasah Ifa dari nobody to somebody..yang guide Ifa everything in the business..

From Adibah..

Alhamdulillah, i'm feeling so honored chosen by  Utusan malaysia to be cover story in Mega Utusan on last 10th of May 2013 (Friday) sempana sambutan Hari ibu..
"Ibu muda bergaya, berjaya bersama 3 orang anak lelaki"...the statement given by them was so interesting!..actually, i'm just a simple the business becoz i need an extra income to help my family to get financial freedom...Alhamdulillah, just within one year i achieve the highest level ranking in company Hai-o Marketing sdn bhd..with Free travel 3 times a year, 5 figure income every month & free Car Fund i bought a brand new BMW F30...Alhamdulillah..dengan  berkat kesabaran, usaha berterusan and do this by TEAMWORK, I get all these things...;)

I get a call from Utusan one day before shooting! feeling?? of course feel so excited & nervous!..heheh..this is my 1st timer shooting with media prima...before this selalu juga shooting but only with activity group shoot here & there...this time Im feel so lucky!..especially big thanxs to my dear sista kak sherry becoz give me this good opportunity that i can keep this paper sampai ke hari tua...haha..;p

Tak payah jadi artis nak famous.. Jadi business women under GLAM confirm boleh dapat seperti Hanis Haizi and Adibah Karimah.. In shaa Allah..

Lets see the process of the photoshoot..

Lets be part of us!

Efah Mustaffa

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