Monday, 13 April 2015

Closet Tour Idea!

Hye readers.

Jam di dinding almost 2.30am but I still couldn't sleep. So I make some review on Instagram and found something interesting. Guess what?? I found addiction on sorting the closet so I made few closet tour in Youtube. I found it very interesting. Sesuai sangat dengan tema Ifa malam ni sebab tengah menyusun shawl yang berbakul2. Memang tengah fikir cara to arrange them so they will be neat and tidy. Ifa bukan jenis yang suka menyimpan but I think this the time I need to change. Soon I will have my own baby so mesti sentiasa bersih and neat.

But for now I just need a simple closet maybe to arrange all my stuff because we stay at my parent in law house for a while in order to buy our own house. Bila dah ada rumah sendiri for sure I want a room for my closet.

I know it quiet expensive and hard to get but nothing impossible. I just need to work hard in my business in order to get all the things I want and chase my dream. Have my freedom lifetime like my mentor.

So here a little idea I get from Google. But most of them from oversea. They don't have Hijab, scarve and Jubah like I have. And I don't have to many shoes like them. Maybe in future In Shaa Allah. 

So for now I want to make a closet just a simple one.
Tak salah kita berimpian besar asalkan kita usaha mendapatkannya. Sebab impian tanpa usaha tak kan kemana. Untuk merubah masa depan jalannya hanya satu iaitu buat bisnes and to have own business. Kalau makan gaji U only stay on your secure situation. Doing same routine everyday and don't take a risk in your life.
I have my big dream. I want to have my own closet full with branded handbag and shoes. I want to collect watches, rings and Jubah. I will try my best to accomplish this. In Shaa Allah. Semoga Allah mempermudahkan dan mengizinkannya..
Let's change everyone!

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